Erik Scheele is a composer/pianist living in the Chicago area. Mainly involved in live accompaniment and online composition, as well as musical theater accompaniment, sound work, and assembling tracks for theater productions.

Has composed mainly for the online webcomic Homestuck, starting in 2009 until current times. For track selections, check below under Music. Currently accompanies at the Schaumburg Prairie Centre for the Arts.

Graduated in 2013 from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Composition-Improvisation.

My Music

One Year Older

Starting in 2009, I began making music for a webcomic called Homestuck, culminating in a 2013 self-made album based around John Egbert, one of the main characters. You can listen to the entire album directly below, or other tracks I've picked out below.

Other Tracks

Composed between 2010 and 2013.

FantasyP - 2013 -- A track using a main motif from Toby Fox, about John flying around in a jetpack.

Temporal Piano - 2010 -- From the album The Felt, based around characters in the comic that all had various time-based abilities. Essentially, orchestral music with time shenanigans.

Flying Car - 2013 -- At one point John gets a flying car. And it crashes at the end.

3 In The Morning (Aftermath) - 2012 -- Piano improvisation, a cover of 3 In The Morning, a track by Clark Powell.

Constant Confinement - 2013 -- A piece that tries to capture the feeling of time passing by while kept trapped in a single place. Constant pulse, not-so-constant phrase length.

Walk-Stab-Walk - 2011 -- Piece for a menacing character who walked, and stabbed. Fairly threatening in its simplicity.

Respit - 2013 -- Background music for the last rest area in a video game.


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